Write your CV well in Medical Device

Here are some tips for writing a personalized and updated CV that will immediately catch the attention of readers.

Four questions to Christine Horvais, HR consultant, on writing a CV in Medical Device.

Christine’s job is to analyze, with great rigor and impartiality, while developing her network in the sector.
Christine Horvais : Absolutely. Today, it’s imperative to quickly arouse the reader’s interest. The candidate’s strengths should be evident in less than a minute. The first minute is crucial and will make or defend the invitation to an interview. The CV is more than a simple “business card”, it must arouse the interest to go further.
CH: A good CV is a sales pitch with a clear message in four parts.

1) The goal

2) Skills

3) Experience with examples of achievements

4) Initial diplomas and continuing education, so often forgotten.

It’s no more than a page or two, simple recto.

CH: The know-how of the devices and your motivation to develop in this field must be obvious. Promote professional areas where you have strong skills and highlight the functions that attract you the most in the field of health.
CH: It’s very simple. Promote specific actions rather than words ! Think about the financial aspect of your expertise. Space the text on your resume to make it light and let the reader breathe. Be articulate: a clear and concise message is well understood. You can use bold type or underline the benefits of hiring you.


How to prepare your recruitment interview in 8 points

A candidate’s attitude is crucial.

Two minutes is enough to understand you. The first impression is often the right one. You have to make the recruiter want to know you better. Here are the points that Axeme considers the best method to find the ideal job in the medical device industry:


The ideal candidate for the market of tomorrow, according to Axeme

He is proud to share his intuition. He mobilizes his employees through trust. Deliberately using a collaborative mode of action, he is proactive and his reasoning is systematic. His experience is enriched by a transversal approach of the different professions.

He constantly questions himself, cultivates his creativity and enjoys working on a daily basis with a diversity of talents around him. In the end, better than anyone, he knows how to question his certainties. He knows how to let go, to experiment, to be pushed by his energy and emotions for more effective actions.

His joy of living and his physical form allow him to be consistent in the adequacy of his values to those of his company. His physical engineering makeup is fluid, facilitating the action, while staying in tune with past achievements.