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MD101 was created to support medical device manufacturers in their development and accelerate the marketing of their products in accordance with the regulations in force.

Having a wide network of experts in France and internationally, MD101 has expertise in different types of medical devices, regardless of the challenge encountered by any manufacturer : quality assurance, regulatory affairs, clinical affairs, reimbursement strategy, or even international business development.

The strength of MD101 is the expertise in the field of health as well as the experience of the team which will be able to accompany you to reach your goals.

You are a manufacturer of medical devices (from start-ups to multinationals), you are a pre-creation project leader, you are a distributor / importer, the MedTech Expert Points are made for you !

Come and meet our experts to discuss your issues during our events or attend our webinars.

Training and support in English for your specific projects:

– progression of your level
– a specific need : a presentation, an interview, a visit

Listening to your project! In English, please!

Brikx has developed a tailor-made method to help decision-makers optimize their resources, improve their resistance to stress to reach their ideal performance zone. This training is essential both to get through difficult situations and to learn how to avoid them.

Axeme Conseil has partnered with Brikx consulting to support managers and directors by offering them personalized follow-up sessions.


To give power to innovation, Intellectual Property allows to create assets, on which the value of the company is based.

ICOSA MEDTECH is the only Intellectual Property firm completely dedicated to medical devices, software in Healthcare, and e-health.

Their expertise: from the very beginning of the project, to help create value through Intellectual Property.

ICOSA provides information on competitors’ patents, on the most promising strategies, and on the valuation of Intellectual Property.

The alliance of financial expertise & technical analysis to define a strategy.

The firm has more than 20 years of experience in supporting innovative companies, particularly in the health sector. They accompany companies at all stages of maturity, from start-ups to listed companies.
Their activities are based on 4 complementary businesses:
– Accounting and auditing
– Innovation taxation: CIR, CII, JEI
– Financing of innovation
– Structuring of R&D

Audit & RiskSolutions is the guardian angel of medtechs!

Their ad hoc insurance solutions allow entrepreneurs to transfer their risks and thus focus on the development of their start-ups.

They protect liabilities (of the company and its managers), property, people and certain intangible assets (date, intellectual property, reputation). To do this, their team of specialists identifies and analyzes risks, negotiates insurance solutions and manages the contracts put in place.

The mission of MDxp and its network of experts is to support innovative companies in their strategies and their international business development.

Medtech entrepreneurs are the new explorers of our time.

But their journey is full of pitfalls and complexities:
targeting promising markets, adjusting to competition, communicating wisely, understanding regulatory constraints and reimbursement systems, etc.

Logo Life Avocats

Life Avocats is a law firm that advises and assists companies in the digital health and life sciences sector with all regulatory issues related to the life cycle of their solutions and products: development, pre-clinical and clinical research, market access, distribution, health inspections.

Life Avocats’ clients are pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, medtechs, manufacturers and distributors of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices, publishers of digital health solutions, manufacturers of cosmetic products, food supplements or biocides, service providers to the health products industry, academic research teams, health professionals and health establishments with innovative projects.

Life Avocats works in close collaboration with a network of international correspondents specialized in health and life sciences.

Bright On Consulting uses more than 20 years of experience to help you build your market strategies: define your communication and marketing plan and build your go-to-market action plan. With Bright On Consulting, you have the opportunity to unleash the actions that generate improvements and to implement them at all levels of your organization:
– Sales & Marketing Strategy
– Business development of your activity
– Coaching: personal or team development.
– Sales Training